Origin of the Name Kinsler in the U.S. (1800s)


The family of Peter and Elizabeth (?) Kinsella came to Lockport, NY from Carlow, Ireland around the year 1850. They settled a few miles from Lockport in a German settlement. Peter pronounced Kinsella with the accent on the first syllable, KIN'sella (as it's still pronounced in Ireland today), and the guttural German accent of those among whom they lived slurred it to Kinsler.

Kinsler was the name all the children of Peter Kinsler used until his son, Moses, had some difficulty over the deed to a piece of property and in tracing back he found the real name was Kinsella. The other children were established as Kinsler by that time and Moses was the only one who changed back to Kinsella. He also, I believe, was the only child of Peter's who was born in Ireland.

The ancestors of these Kinsler's can be found in Indiana and Illinois.


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