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*ohn Kinsella has collected information on genealogies of Kinsellas for years. In an effort to share these records, he and I have created this homepage. Due to limited space, we cannot put all the information at your fingertips; instead, I have outlined the records we have available. If you find a match between your ancestors and some of those listed below, or if you would like access to some of the records we have, send me an email. We'd like to be of help to you.


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* Why do Genealogy?

* Step by step guide to doing your family genealogy.

I apologize for this work in progress. Let me explain why. The guide information has been gleaned from AOL, the internet, various books, and my family's own experience. Where appropriate, I have mentioned the sources. I do not pretend to be an expert on all of the material described in these pages and so will not be able to answer many of your more detailed questions. I have placed it here in a roughed out form rather than waiting months and introducing it as a clearer version with the thought that you would rather have some information than none.

If you have difficulty understanding parts of this section, let me know and I will try to help. It will also allow me to improve the page so others will not stumble over the same problem. Thank you for your patience.

* Source Information

* Ancient Kinsella genealogy

* Ancestry Lists (Family lines of descent to the present day)

*There are also Genealogical Newsgroups such as; soc.geneology.britain and soc.geneology.ireland


*Please send questions or comments to Jim Kinsella (the son of John Kinsella, son of Daniel Kinsella, son of...).

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