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This section of the web page is intended as a 'library' of Celtic literature that may not be readily available otherwise. As with all libraries, new information is always being added.

The selections are in HTML. The intent is that you may read them online, or you may download them for later study/ print out etc. using your browsers 'Save As...' command. Then the saved HTML code can be read in any word processor, or your web browser. (If saved as xxx.htm)

The documents make heavy use of 'pre-formatted text' for two reasons. It will be easier to read in a word processor, since it has a minimum of tags. And this also allows the documents to retain the same line breaks/ word breaks as in the original book. Page breaks are indicated by a horizontal line. This information may be useful on some occasions

Enjoy !!


*Fairy Legends and Traditions of The South of Ireland, by T.Crofton Croker. London, 1834.

[Irish tales come from two sources; the stories contained in various manuscripts such as The Tain, and oral tradition stories passed down from generation to generation. Croker is one of the first to collect many of the oral stories.]

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