Thomas Kinsella of Gory, Ireland (1796-1865)



W illiam J.North has pulled together a fantastic booklet covering the descendants of Thomas Kinsella of Gorey, Co.Wexford. Below I have listed only one line stemming from this Thomas. If you believe you may have a connection to this line and would like more information, please let me know.


(1) Thomas Kinsella

Thomas and Elizabeth's children were:

  1. Thomas
  2. James
  3. Michael
  4. Edward


(2) Michael Kinsella [son of Thomas Kinsella (1)]

Michael and Dorothy's children were:

  1. Thomas F.
  2. Margaret A.
  3. Sarah Elizabeth
  4. James C.
  5. Rosanna M.
  6. Arthur M.
  7. Casilda Catherine
  8. Bernard W.


(3) James C.Kinsella [son of Michael Kinsella (2)]

James and Theresa's children were:

  1. Lucille Catherine
  2. Lyle James
  3. Aldene Teresa
  4. Dorothy Mary
  5. Margaret Mary


(4) Lyle James Kinsella [son of James C.Kinsella (3)]

Lyle and Thelma's children are:

  1. Patricia Ann
  2. Mary Jean
  3. Richard Lyle
  4. Janet Elizabeth
  5. Katherine


* For details on this family line, send email to Jim Kinsella


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