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The Registry of Deeds, located in Henrietta Street, Dublin contains deeds, wills and marriages dating from 1270!  A genealogist I hired once searched these files for any reference to the name Kinsella or variations of the name. Here is what she found. If any of these references seems to be a possibility in  a genealogical search by readers of our page, if they are ever in Dublin, it would be worth their while to look up the actual document:

26th REPORT OF THE DEPUTY KEEPER 1270—1800    

Kinselagh, Christopher of Haroldscross, dairyman. 1777    
Kinselagh, Daniel of Dublin 1704    
Kinsella, Dorothea and Robert Tonge married in 1770    
Kinsalagh, Edmund of Caven. 1669    
Kinselagh, Elinor of William's Lane, New Street, widow 1772    
Kinsela, Grizell and William Harricks married in 1758    
Kentchla, John of James Street. Will proved 1775    
Kinsellagh, John and Martha Curry married 1786    
Kinsellagh, Margaret of Dublin, widow 1745    
Kinselagh, Margaret and Matthew Smith married in 1779    
Kinshelagh, Darby of Kilkea, Co. Kildare, farmer. Inventory taken in 1763    
Kinshella, Mary and John Davis married in 1793    
Kinshelagh, Patrick of Dublin. Inventory taken 1775    
Kinshelagh, Philip of Dublin, gentleman. Inventory taken in 1736    
Kinchela, Frances and Lewis Richoux married in 1759    
Kinchella, John and Elizabeth Thornton married in 1796    
Kinchla, Mary and Robert Henderson married in 1775    

30th RPORT OF THE DEPUTY KEEPER 1800—1858    

Kinchela, Lewis Chapelier and Jane Lloyd married in 1833    
Kinsela, Garrett and Susanna Roberts married in 1803    
Kinsela, John of Upper Gardiner St. Inventory taken 1831    
Kinsela, Judith of Mountain View Ave., Harold's Cross, Co. Dublin, widow 1853    
Kinsela, Patrick of Great Britain St. Inventory taken in 1830    
Kinsela, Richard of Kevin St., harness maker. Inventory taken in 1834    
Kinselagh, Denis of Grafton, St., Inventory taken in 1842    
Kinsella, John and Mary Anne Reynolds married in 1855    
Kinsella, Owen of Winetavern, St., baker. Will proved in 1822    
Kinsella, Patrick of Cork Hill, provision dealer. Will proved in 1845    
Kinsella, Thomas and Elizabeth Purvis married in 1845    
Kinshela, Anne als O'Neill als Jackson of Barrick St., widow. Inventory taken 1827    
Kinshela, John and Anne Bourne married in 1807    
Kinshela, Mary of Kineagh, Co. Kildare. Will proved in 1816    
Kinshelagh, William of Dublin, publican. Inventory taken in 1816    
Kinshla, Thomas and Elizabeth Carroll married in 1815    
Kinslagh, John Ellis and Emily Burnett married in 1839

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