Irish Heritage Research Enquiry Form


This is used as the basis of a search for information relating to your ancestor(s) in Ireland. You will be sent an assessment by email on the receipt of the fee of U.S.$25 (CDN$35, Sterling#15.00, or currency equivalent) payable by cheque or draft to IRISH HERITAGE RESEARCH. Copies or transcripts of documents found are supplied by email or airmail, as appropriate, on receipt of fee(s) quoted in the assessment. Further details can be supplied on request.

1) Your Name:________________________________________________
2) Email Address:____________________________________________
3) Postal Address:___________________________________________
4) Ancestor's Name:__________________________________________
5) Address (in Ireland!):____________________________________
6) Baptism/Birth:____________________________________________
7) Marriage:_________________________________________________
8) Death:____________________________________________________
9) Emigration:_______________________________________________
10) Occupation:______________________________________________
11) Religion:________________________________________________
12) Family (spouse, siblings, etc.):_________________________
13) Other (kith and kin, etc):_______________________________
14) What specifically are you looking for?:__________________


Enquiries, bookings and orders to:

30 Lakelands Drive

Send email to:

Tel/Fax: +353 1 2884250


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