Film Rental



Films can be "rented" for a period of from 3 weeks to indefinitely. My local FHC charges $2.75 for 3 weeks loan up to $6.75 for a film which is to be put on indefinite loan. Some small FHC's have so little storage space, requests for a film to be put on indefinite loan must go before the FHC board for their approval. Obviously, those chosen would be of the greatest interest to the greatest number of people.

The microfiche indexes of the various collections included in the Family History Library Catalogue may be purchased for home use at 15 cents per microfiche. This includes the Locality Catalogue (for Ireland and Scotland on a county by county basis), the IGI, also on a county basis, the Surname Index, the Parish and Vital Records Index, the Author Title Catalogue, and the Subject Catalogue. Those fiche listed within the Locality Catalogue are part of the collection itself and may be "rented", also at 15 cents per microfiche, but the fiche become part of the indefinite loan collection at the FHC and are not available to be taken home.

Copying Restrictions
A few records cannot be photocopied because of restrictions placed on the film by the original record owner. These records will circulate to the FHC's but are on red microfilm reels to distinguish them from the other films. In some cases, you may make copies if you sign a statement that you will not use the information to embarrass or harm any living person.


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