The International Genealogical Index (IGI)



This is an index of close to 90 million names from the Family History Library's database which represents more than 90 countries and generally covers data from 1500 - 1875. Professional researchers and genealogists have contributed to this file along with records that have been acquired through extraction processes. Surnames are listed first by country then by phonetic alphabet and thereafter chronologically by event. The IGI is available on computer and the computer manual for it is excellent. On-screen instructions lead the computer novice through a search. The microfiche edition of the IGI will be discussed here. The IGI listing will show:

Should you find a listing of interest, make a note of the appropriate citation under Batch and Serial Sheet numbers along with the page number of the particular microfiche. With this set of numbers, the original paperwork (from which the entry in the IGI was created) can be ordered from Salt Lake City and, possibly, family group sheets submitted to the Church can be acquired. Batch numbers which begin with C, P, J, K, E, M (except M17 and M18), 725, 744, 745, and 754 are original records acquired by extraction process and the information available in the original source may not exceed that which has already been found the IGI.


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