Indefinite Loan Collection



Before ordering any film, it's wise to check the indefinite loan collection which is available at every FHC. This may mean that the film you require is already on file at the FHC and you are free to use it, thus saving the cost and delay of ordering the film. My local FHC has created an extensive catalogue of all the films available "in house". Secondly, any film # you find which might be out will tell you all of the various items that are contained on THAT film. Thirdly, the computer gives you the ability to discover whether or not a film of interest is in a nearby FHC. The decision then becomes whether or not it's worth it to drive to an FHC 25 miles away or rent the film yourself for $2.75! it is also possible to locate entire collections this way.

Case in point: One particular FHC in the Seattle area, holds all films for Hayes' MANUSCRIPT SOURCES FOR THE HISTORY OF THE IRISH CIVILIZATION. By driving to that FHC, you have the ability to look at ALL the films contained within the Hayes collection, for the cost of the gas it takes to get you there. We are fortunate in the Seattle area to have a dozen different FHC's (all with unique indefinite loan collections) with a half an hour's drive!


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