Parish and Vital Records Index (P&VR)



The P&VR listing shows the records that have been extracted for each area and the time period. This Index is also found in the drawer where the Locality Catalogue and International Genealogical Index are to be found. If you are unable to locate your ancestor on the IGI, the PVRL should be checked to determine if the records have been extracted for that locality. The microfiche version is updated once a year while the IGI itself is updated much less frequently. Therefore, it is possible to find a listing for your parish of interest which is not yet reflected on the IGI. Arranged alphabetically by the name of the Country, these records show the type of record extracted, the time period covered, the genealogical library call number on which a copy of the original record will be found, and the call number of a computer printout, if one exists. Two asterisks before the call number indicate that the record was extracted after the current IGI was printed.

Please note:

When REG followed by a three digit number and V _, appear under Column 7, this means the original records were available in book form at SLC and available on microfilm at the local FHC.


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