Passenger lists for ships entering U.S. and Canada



*The United States & Canada

Immigration records show the details of the last place of residence in Ireland, passenger lists are much skimpier. For North America, where ships passenger lists were kept, most appear to have been deposited at the port of arrival, rather than departure; in general, the authorities were more concerned with recording those entering a country than those leaving. Passenger lists commonly show the country of origin, only. At best, the place name listed is the port of departure and is rarely the place of residence. Since there were no laws in place to either require Passenger Lists or to preserve those that were created, what Passenger Lists exist don't come anywhere close to covering the sheer numbers of people who emigrated from Ireland over the centuries.

Even these, however, cover only a fraction of the material of potential value. There was a joint effort between Temple University's National Immigration Archives center and John F. Kennedy's Trust Center, in Wexford, Ireland to put passenger lists covering the period 1852 up to the late 1890's on a data base. The Kennedy center input all the information (there are supposed to be several million names of it) and the Immigration Archives have the data base; however, they have no funds to publish the works...


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