Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI)



In 1922, when the "troubles" caused Ireland to be split in two, the English portion in Northern Ireland needed a National Archives. They located it in Belfast and called it the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI). PRONI has in its holdings all the things that one would expect to find in a National Archives, including Census Returns for counties in Northern Ireland prior to its foundation in 1922.

PRONI has made a massive effort to acquire records from all over Ireland, in many instances requiring no approval to view Catholic records, the originals of which are housed at the National Library in Dublin and would require approval of the parish priest before viewing.

The LDS Church has microfilmed most of the indexes, catalogues, calendars, etc. that are available and they are listed in the Locality Catalogue (fiche, please) under Archives/Libraries. Once you've located a record from a film of the Index you've found in the Locality Catalogue, you can then send to PRONI for a copy of the document. Their copy charges are quite reasonable and there is no charge for the "labor" of copying it or the return postage.


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