Cathair Mor


*mmediately after the death of Feidlimidh, monarch of Ireland, son of the great Tuathal, the kings of Ireland assembled at Tara, and Cathair Mor, king of Leinster, was elected as the new Monarch of Ireland. To support his election, short as his reign was, we find him engaged in many bloody wars. In the 3rd year of his reign, before he led his troops to the fatal battle of Moigh Acha, in Meath, he made his will, believing he would not survive the days encounter. He divided his possessions amongst his 30 sons, in a Will called "The Will of Cathair More" (153 AD). His posterity formed the principal families in Leinster. His will:

  1. Ros Failgeach, from who descended the O'Connors (Faley). Given Leinster, 10 shields, swords, cups
  2. Daire Barrach, ancestor of O'Gorman. Given Tuath Laighean (Fingal and Dublin). 150 spears, 50 swords, 50 gold rings, 150 cloaks, 7 military standards
  3. Bresal Einechglas. 7 ships, 50 shields, 5 swords, 5 chariots and horses, and lands of River Amergin
  4. Cetach. Leaves nothing so he won't be separated from his brothers
  5. Fergus Luasgan. Leaves nothing but his brothers give him ample possessions
  6. Ailill Cethech. Backgammon table and men for lands were of no use to him since he never attended to any study but gaming
  7. Aengus Nic. Leaves nothing but his brothers give him ample possessions
  8. Eochu Timine. Leaves him only his benediction and calls him a weak man
  9. Comthanan (Crimthann), ancestor of Duff, of Leinster. 50 brass balls, with brass maces to play with; 10 backgammon tables, and 2 chess tables
  10. Curigh, who was slain by Fionn MacCumhal (Finn MacCoole)

    He had the following children:

    1. Slectaire; had a daughter, Corcraine, who was the mother of Diarmid Ua Duibhne, and of Oscar, son of Oissin
    2. Uchdelbh, a daughter, who was wife of Fionn Fothart, a son of Conn of the Hundred Battles.
  11. Landabaria, a daughter who was the 3rd wife of the 110th Monarch, Conn Ceadcathach (Conn of the Hundred Battles), who succeeded Cathair Mor in the Monarchy
  12. Fiacha Baicheda (the lame), who is described below. Leaves country about Wexford, 50 large vessels of yew, 50 cups, 50 pied horses with brass bits


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