Dairmaid mac Maol-na-mBo


In the past 30 years there has been a resurgence in Irish history. This resurgence has uncovered many new facts that alter our view of Irish history. The list of great Irish kings include Brian Boru and Turlough O'Connor as well as Neil of the Nine Hostages. A name rarely mentioned however, is Dairmaid mac Maol-na-mBo (Dermot mac Mal na mBo, mac meaning son of and Mal na mBo referring to Dermot's father's desire to raid often for cattle. Bo means cow in Gaelic).

Dermot first appears in the annals in 1042. He was elected as chief of Ui Cinnsealaigh (their lands being located in southern Leinster) and he began to build his power. He sacked Waterford and for the next 20 years is warring with the O'Briens of Munster, finally defeating them. At his death in 1072, he is called the King of Ireland (with opposition), King of Wales, King of the Isles (islands between England and Ireland including the Isle of Man), and King of Dublin.

The only other king who can lay claim to such widespread power was Neil of the Nine Hostages.



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