Phoeniusa (Fenius) Farsaidh


Fenius was king of Scythia when he invented letters. His overking, Ninus, ruled the Assyrian Empire, and being a wise man, and desirous of acquiring a knowledge of the various languages which not long before had confounded the builders of the Tower of Bable, employed able and learned men to go in search of knowledge; Fenius was one of these men.

Returning sometime afterwards well skilled in this knowledge, Fenius erected a school in the valley of Senaar, near the City of Aeothena, in the 42nd year of the reign of Ninus, wherein having continued with his youngest son, Niulus, for 20 years, he returned home to his kingdom, which, at his death, he left to his eldest son, Nenuallus, leaving to Niulus no other patrimony than his learning, and the benefit of the school he had founded.



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