The river Liffey, near Dublin, derived its name from the death of Heremon's horse (Liffe) at the battle between the Milesians and the Tuatha-de-Danas.

He and his eldest brother Heber were, jointly, the first Milesian Monarchs of Ireland; they began to reign 1699 BC. The quarreled and fought a pitched battle at Ardeat, now Geashill, near Tulamore, in the King's Country. After Heber was slain in this battle (1698 BC), Heremon reigned singly for 14 years.

During his reign a certain colony called Cruthneans or Picts arrived in Ireland and requested Heremon to assign them a part of the country to settle in, which he refused; but, giving them as wives the widows of the Tuatha-de-Danans, slain in battle, he sent them with a strong party of his own forces to conquer the country Scotland; conditionally, that they and their posterity should be tributary to the Monarchs of Ireland. Heremon died (1683 BC) at his palace at Argoidross (Rathbeagh), near the river Nore and was buried in a sepulcher mound. He was succeeded by three of his four sons, named Muimne, Luigne, and Laighean, who reigned jointly for 3 years, but were slain by their Heberian successors at the battle of Ard Laahran.



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