Cornelius Kincheloe


The earliest record of Cornelius Kincheloe appears in 1693, in Richmond County, Virginia, at a location 35 miles up the Rappahannock River from the Chesapeake Bay. Oral history passed down through the family speaks of Cornelius as coming from Scotland and, while this may be true, the original location of his line appears to come from Hy Kinsella as he was a Kinsella (during the time he arrived in America there were a multitude of spelling variations on the name Kinsella).

In 1695 Cornelius received a 100 acre parcel of land, at no cost,from Shedrick Williams. On this land he raised his family. By 1724 Cornelius' son John had sold all of this original 100 acres and moved the family.

In 1996, after years of painstaking research, John Kincheloe III had identified where the 100 acres of Cornelius Kincheloe, his 8th generation grandfather, was located. Incredible as it sounds, that very year a parcel of the land was to be auctioned off so John quickly managed to drive from his North Carolina home to the auction...he managed to buy 3.5 acres of the original tract! Now he and any of his relatives are able to walk the land which raised the family of their first American ancestor.

My thanks to John Kincheloe III for this information. He's written an incredible story about his research in identifying the location of the original 100 acres owned by Cornelius and filled it in with information about how this ancestor would have lived.


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