Tigernmas fought 27 battles with the followers of the family of Heber Fionn, all which he won. In his reign gold was mined near the Liffey, and skillfully worked by Inchadhan.

This King also made a law that each grade of society should be known by the number of colors in its wearing apparel: the clothes of a slave should be of one color; those of a soldier of two; the dress of a commanding officer to be of three colors; a gentleman's dress, who kept a table for the free entertainment of strangers, to be of four colors; five colors to be allowed to the nobility; and the King, Queen, and Royal Family, as well as the druids, historians, and other learned men to wear six colors.

Tigernmas was the first to introduce idolatry into this country, about 100 years after the Milesians arrived. This monarch set up the famous idol called Crom Cruach (the crooked heap) on the plain of Magh Sleaght, now Fenagh, in Co. Leitrim. This idol was worshipped up to the time of St. Patrick, by whom it was destroyed. Among the idol worship of the ancient Irish at that time was that of the sun. The king died at Magh Sleactha, and three parts of his subjects died with him the same night, while worshipping his idol, Crom Cruach.


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