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This list is by no means conclusive, it happens to be those that I'm aware of. I encourage others to send me information on famous Kinsellas. As you read through the list, notice how many Kinsellas are associated with writing; quite an astounding percent.

Much of this information comes from the "Book of Leinster." This is the most complete version that I am aware of.

4th Century
Eanna Cinnsealach

11th Century
Dairmaid mac Maol-na-mBo

12th Century
Dermot MacMurrough: Responsible for The Book of Leinster, considered by many to be the most important book in Irish history.

Eanna Kinsella

17th Century
Aeneas Kinsella: Member of the Supreme Council at Kilkenny in 1646.
Bonaventure Kinselagh: An officer in King James II's army in Ireland.

19th Century
Thomas Kinsella (1822-1884): Editor of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle and New York State Representative. He was described as "a splendid example of an emigrant Irish boy, rising to wealth and honoured position in the country of his adoption."

20th Century

L. Kinsella: In the encyclopedia Titanica it states:
"Mr. L. Kinsella, 30, was born in Liverpool. On the crew list he gave his address as 7 Canal Walk, Southampton. His last ship had been the Aragon. Kinsella and his colleagues were taken on at the last minute after six of the "signed-on" crew arrived late for the sailing. Kinsella died in the sinking."

Captain Iven C. Kincheloe: "America's first spaceman."

Thomas Kinsella: Irish poet

W.P.Kinsella: Author of numerous works including "Shoeless Joe" which became the movie "Field of Dreams".

Nicholas Furlong: Irish historian and author of many works including "Dermot, King of the Foreigners" about Dermot MacMurrough.

John Kinsella: IRA bomber.

Anna Kinsella: Author of "County Wexford In The Famine Years, 1845-1849"
Published : Enniscorthy { Ireland} ; Duffry Press, c1995
Library of Congress (LC) Call No. DA990.W5 K56 1995

William E.Kinsella, Jr.: Author of "Leadership in Isolation ; FDR and The Origins of the Second World War"
Published : Cambridge, Mass. : Schenkman Pub. Co. , c1981
LC Call No. : E806 .K56 1981


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