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*August, 2008:

New edition is here - "Clan Kinsella's History of Ireland."
See link on front page.


*May, 2008:

Added Google Search engine for better results.


*February, 2006:

Added Birth-Marriage-Death Certificates to the links page.


*December 2005:

Sold out - "Clan Kinsella's History of Ireland."
If you want to be on the list for the next printing let us know.

*December 2004:

Click to go therePeruse the new Clan Kinsella's History of Ireland book

Learn about Ireland's history and the prominent role your clan has played in it. Currently the book is offered at a discounted price. Follow the link to see what's inside the book.


*April 2004:

*July 2003:

*January 2003:

*January 2002:

                 Kinsella Freeholders


*August 2001:



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