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Why do Genealogy?

General Research:

Genealogy Sources

Irish Genealogy

Irish birth, marriage, and death records

Church Records in Ireland

Irish Directories

Estate Records

General Register Office, Ireland

Irish Heritage Centers

Irish Jurisdictions

Irish Manuscripts for Genealogy

Irish Research Records

Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI)

Immigration to North America

Passenger lists for ships entering U.S. and Canada

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) Genealogy Records

Accelerated Indexing System (AIS)

Family History Library Catalogue (FHLC)

The International Genealogical Index (IGI)

Parish and Vital Records Index (P&VR)

Research Papers

Peter Robinson Settlement of 1825

Genetics and Genealogy

Kinsella Research:

Genealogy of the Kinsella's

Registry of Deeds - Dublin

Scully Census of Castledermot, Co. Kildare, 1840

Kinsella Freeholders

Various Ship Lists Containing the Surname Kinsella

Search for Missing Friends

Death Records of Kinsellas in New York

Family Tree Fragments:

Daniel Kinsella of Co.Wexford (?), Ireland (1824-1883)

Edward Kinsella of U.S. (1858-1902)

James Kinsella of Co.Wexford (?), Ireland (1821-1891)

John Kinsella of Ireland (1780? )

Patrick Kinsella of King's County (Offaly), Ireland (1829-1916)

Terence Kinsella (of Co.Kildare?), Ireland (1806?-1881)

Thomas Kinsella of Co.Wexford, Ireland (1814-1889)

Thomas Kinsella of Gory, Ireland (1796-1865)

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History ==> History

History of the Kinsellas

Area of Hy Kinsella in Ireland

Origin of the name Kinsella

Ancient Kinsella Lineage

Cathair Mor


Dermot MacMurrough

Dairmaid mac Maol-na-mBo

Eanna Cinnsealaigh


Labhradh Longseach

Laeghaire Lorc

Milesius of Spain

Phoeniusa (Fenius) Farsaidh


Ugaine More

Kinsella's move to Co.Kildare (1700s)

Timothy Kinsella of Australia (1800s)

Cornelius Kincheloe

Short History of Ireland in the 17th Century

Short History of Ireland in the 18th Century

Short History of Ireland in the 19th Century

Irish Immigrants in America during the 19th Century

Origin of the Name Kinsler in the U.S. (1800s)

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Library ==> Library

Aedh the Seanchai - Battle of Clontarf

Aedh the Seanchai - Brandubh of Hy Kinsella I

Aedh the Seanchai - Brandubh of Hy Kinsella II

Aedh the Seanchai - Fair at Carman

Aedh the Seanchai - Brehon Law

Fairy Legends and Traditions of The South of Ireland, by T.Crofton Croker. London, 1834

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Kinsellas ==> Kinsella's

Kinsella Discussion Group

Directory of Kinsella's

Genealogy Emails

Notes of Appreciation

Email Stories

Kinsella's in History

Kinsella Notice Board

Kinsella Opinion Page

Kinsella Reunions

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Kinsella Email Addresses

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Travel ==> Travel

A "Kinsella Roots" Trip in Ireland

Ireland from the Kinsella Point of View

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Links ==> Links

Celtic Links

Irish Genealogy

Links to Kinsella Sites

Links to Kinsella Newsletters

Other Links of Interest

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Irish Jokes

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Kinsella Discussion Group

Kinsella Notice Board

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